The importance of accounting

It is amazing how the enterpreneurs in Brazil are disregarding the importance of accounting in their lives and paying low fees for a service that could keep its business health and safer for period of crises like we are facing in the most important latin america economy.  For sure if small businesses were using services and hiring good accountants our economy would be growing more and also predicting how to invest better their resources and it could be an ultimate process to avoid mistakes and reach improved performance. Why we are not teaching our customers to learn about accounting tools and show them how  well prepared for the challegens they are facing off!

Unfortunately a comunity of accountants in Brazil are more worried about their own future than their customers lifetime and this is a shot in the back because if the market is going to be smaller which market will be presented in the next few years.

I remind you that 92% of overall companies in Brazil are small and they are the kind of business that is not using accounting services at except that enterpreneur that already worked in international and big companies in the past.

Let’s change the perspective? What do you think??

See the link below for a good news you have to give to your customer in Brazil!

Accounting is Important!


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